Fruit Gardening in New Zealand by Ralph Ballinger


Fruit Gardening in New Zealand by Ralph Ballinger

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Fruit Gardening in New Zealand
by Ralph and John Ballinger

This is a book written for home gardeners and the many enthusiasts who wish to become involved in the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing their own fruit. Those gardeners who are discovering for the first time the pleasure and challenge of producing from the soil will find this a practical and helpful book.
Following a description of the basic principles of planting, pruning, and caring for trees and bushes the book sets out clearly in alphabetical order the growing of all the main fruit crops. The principal nut crops are contained in one chapter and some of the newer sub-tropical fruits are gathered together in another section.
Clear and concise spray programmes cover a section of fruit production not always easily followed by home gardeners. Month by month reminders are also set up in concise lists for a quick check on jobs to be carried out.
Approximately 230 photographs and sketches complement the text to give a full description of growing each crop. The fact that all the photographs were taken by the authors in Marlborough illustrates that a wide range of fruit, including sub-tropicals can be grown in this country.
This is a practical book prepared by two people closely involved in the production and advisory aspects of fruit growing.

Paperback,very good condition 120 pages 1981/6, name on title page