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Yates Simply Gardening

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Yates Simply Gardening

The simple pleasure of taking the time to get your hands dirty while tending a garden can be very relaxing in today?s busy world. But with a myriad of gardening books and magazines available, it can seem as if your days are spent reading about gardening rather than just getting out there and doing it.

Yates Simply gardening is a compact gardening guide full of all the practical information needed to get your garden growing.

Yates Simply gardening walks you through the basics of designing your garden, what plants to choose and how to look after them. It provides the essential information for the home gardener, explained clearly and illustrated with colour photos. Perfect for the busy gardener, Yates Simply Gardening is our one-stop shop for clear, concise gardening information.

Compact and full of all of the information you need to get your garden growing.
Separate chapters on flowers, lawns and trees.
A practical section on edible gardening, covering the fruit, vegetables and herbs that thrive in New Zealand conditions.
Information on container gardening for those with small gardens.
Beautifully illustrated by top horticultural photographers.

Paperback, 2001, 96pages, very good condition