Yates garden problem solver


Yates garden problem solver

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Yates garden problem solver

A quick reference guide to plant problems in New Zealand Gardens

paperback, 2000, very good condition

The name Yates has been synonymous with successful gardening in New Zealand for well over a hundred years, and since its publication in 1990, the Yates Garden Problem Solver has been a popular guide for gardeners with problems. Divided into four colour-coded sections for easy reference, the book covers a wide variety of disorders affecting flowers, fruit, vegetables and trees. The new updated edition allows gardeners to confidently identify problems affecting their plants at a glance. Once again, clear, unambiguous text describes symptoms, probable causes and the most effective steps to remedy the problem. These have been updated to include new and improved products and organic solutions that have been developed since the book was first published in 1990. Superb full colour illustrations provide perfect identification tools and the new cover design will focus on the healthy integrated garden, featuring vegetables and flowering plants.