The Essential Garden Design Workbook By Rosemary Alexander


The Essential Garden Design­ Workbook By Rosemary Alexander

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The Essential Garden Design­ Workbook By Rosemary Alexander

A well-designed garden provides pleasure to owner and visitor alike but often eludes even the most experienced gardener. The Essential Garden Design Workbook guides you through every stage of designing a garden, from site assessment to drawing up plans and selecting suitable materials. Here you will learn how to assess your site and experiment with design ideas that fit well with the garden’s surroundings. You will find easy ways to measure large spaces, estimate the height of a tree, and determine the right proportions for a deck, pathway, or steps. The book includes clear instructions for drawing up plans — from initial concept diagram to final design. This book is tailormade for hands-on gardeners who want to rework their gardens to achieve that sought-after ‘designer finish’. Hundreds of explanatory drawings and quick-reference diagrams make this workbook a vital addition to the bookshelves of every gardener, design student, and professional. By working through this book from start to finish, a designer garden is within everyone’s reach.

Soft cover , 2005, 292pages, very good condition