Plants for Free! a New Zealand Guide to Plant Propagation


Plants for Free! a New Zealand Guide to Plant Propagation

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Plants for free – A NZ Guide to Plant Propagation
by Andrew Maloy

This book is intended to help you find an alternative to buying all your new plants. It describes basic, commercially proven methods of plant propagation which take advantage of modern horticultural research and developments, and it gives details of the best methods for reproducing over 600 specific plants.

With some simple, inexpensive equipment, a little patience and some practice, a whole new range of possibilities will open up for you. Learning how to raise your own plants from seeds or cuttings and discovering the nurseryman’s techniques of grafting, layering and division will not only save you money but could well develop into a new and absorbing hobby – and a beautifully planted garden.

Author Andrew Maloy is a tutor in the Horticulture Department of Carrington Polytechnic, Auckland, and has over twenty years’ experience in the nursery business. He indulges his own enthusiasm for raising new plants in a small nursery on his Auckland property.

Paperback, 1992 136pages, good condition