Essential Containers, Baskets & Boxes


Essential Containers, Baskets & Boxes

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Essential Containers, Baskets & Boxes

Graham Strong and Claire Phoenix

At last here is a container book with many new and original angles, authors Graham Strong and Claire hoenix have written about hand photographed many of hte 300-p;us shots in this book
They show, step-by-step how to grow over 60 of their favourite planting schemes, incorporating tried and tested plants into a wide variety of pots, tubs, hanging baskets and window boxes, Here ou will find recipes for all seasons, form the cook, sophisticated blues of spirng to the informal mass of cosmos and petunia blooms in summer,
over 60 specially grown step-by-step container recipes
more than 300 colour photographs,

Large paperback, 206 pages 1998 very good condition