Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden


Bromeliads for the Contemporary Garden

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Bromeliads for the Contemporary Gardenn

By Andrew Steensn

Paperback in very good condition, 2003, 198pages,

The Bromeliaceae family consists of about 46 genera, several thousand species and a bewildering number of hybrids and cultivars. All are well able to adapt to their surroundings, which can range from steamy jungles to deserts. They are assisted in survival techniques by their rosetted cups, which efficiently catch water and nutrients. Bromeliads differ greatly in appearance. Some amaze with their brilliant inflorescences in glowing colour, while others are esteemed for the luminous light of their distinctive foliage, strong outlines and structural form. Surprisingly for such exotic plants, they thrive with little attention, and grow indoors or out, but demand efficient circulation of air.