Balcony Gardening in Small Spaces


Balcony Gardening in Small Spaces

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Balcony Gardening in Small SpacesnBy Helen YoungnThe smaller the garden, the better it has to look. While apartment dwelling has grown in popularity in recent years, for the garden lover creating an outdoor space is still important. However it can present special challenges. How can you enjoy the pleasures of a garden using containers? What plants grow best under what conditions? How do you create an outdoor area that complements your lifestyle and is easy to manage? How does a non-gardener go about selecting the right plants for their situation? Whether you have a balcony, terrace, townhouse or villa garden, BALCONY: GARDENING IN SMALL SPACES provides practical solutions to these questions and many more. The secret is in the planning – the more thought you give to selecting the right colours, materials, accessories and plants to make the most of that precious outdoor space, the more pleasurable the final results will be. By applying Helen Young’s simple but useful ideas, everyone – whether green thumb or novice – can find refuge in their balcony or small garden.nnPaperback, 2005,162 pages, very good condition, gift dedication on end page