The Cook’s Salad Garden Revisited


The Cook’s Salad Garden Revisited

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The Cook’s Salad Garden Revisited: A New Zealand Guide to Growing and Preparing Salads
By Mary Browne, Helen Leach, Nancy Tichborne

Salads, once served as an occasional side dish, are now a daily item on the menu of many households and are frequently complex and substantial enough to constitute a main meal. To provide fresh and varied salad ingredients, as well as to save money, many cooks are turning to their own back yards and creating a special salad garden. The Cook’s Salad Garden Revisited shows how to achieve a delicious and varied, year-round supply of salad vegetables. From the familiar, such as lettuce and cabbage, to the unusual, such as orach and mizuna, sound and detailed information is given on the propagation, cultivation, harvesting and preparation of a marvellous array of salad vegetables. Numerous tempting recipes will inspire cooks to experiment with interesting combinations of ingredients to create mouth-watering salads.

Paperback, 2010, 194pages, very good condition