The Cook’s Garden A New Zealand Guide


The Cook’s Garden A New Zealand Guide

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The Cook’s Garden – For Cooks who garden and gardeners who cook

A New Zealand Guide
by Mary Brown, Helen Leach & Nancy Tichborne

For cooks who garden and gardeners who cook.

‘The Cook’s garden’ is a very special combination of gardening and cooking advice.

First it outlines in clear fashion the basic principles of running a successful vegetable garden, then it tells you how to grow, prepare and cook the vegetables of your choice. Specific cultivation notes on each vegetable are followed by preparation hints, cooking ideas and detailed recipes.

Say the authors: “What we have in mind is improving the lines of communication between cooks and gardeners, making it easier for each to switch roles or take on both and making the back yard vegetable garden, like the kitchen, more of a focal point of family life.”

The three authors are sisters with a practical lifelong interest in their subject. Helen Leach is the gardener. Mary Browne is the cook. Nancy Tichborne, a garden designer by trade, has added over a hundred superb illustrations which are a feature of the book.

paperback, 1980 218pages, good condition