The Complete Book of Herbs Reader’s Digest


The Complete Book of Herbs Reader’s Digest

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The Complete Book of Herbs
Everything there is to know about herbs
What may seem to be ordinary plants have extraordinary properties! Used throughout civilisation for flavouring and preserving food, treating sickness, disinfecting homes and more, herbs are returning to favour!

Reacquaint yourself with Nature … ban harsh chemicals from your home … relieve the symptoms of illness … add sensational flavours to your cooking … and much more with the help of The Complete Book of Herbs.

This comprehensive guide takes you from gardening right through to getting the most from herbs. Here are the most beneficial herbs, and the ones which enable you to bypass the medicine, household cleaners and food condiments aisles at the supermarket!

400 information-packed pages * 295mm x 230mm * Hardcover * More than 1,000 colour photographs very good condition, 2008