Mother Earth Manual of Organic Gardening


Mother Earth Manual of Organic Gardening

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Mother Earth Manual of Organic Gardening
Edited by John Bond
“In a world which is increasingly controlled by push-button sprays, chemical deterrents and health destroying pollutants, more and more people are turning to growing their own food naturally, without the aid of artificial fertilisers and poisons. This book is a basic primer in organic gardening, the growing of wholesome food without threatening the environment in the process. compiled by the editorial staff of Mother Earth, the organic gardening activist association. This book brings together the experiences and techniques of many practical, successful organic gardeners. It is the labour of some 80 qualified researchers, backed up by over 800 amateur growers in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and North America.”

Chapters include:
The Earth
Plant Foods
Composting and Mulching
Plant Health
Garden Planning
Growing Nutritious Food
Appendices and Indexes

Paperback, 144 pages, in used condition with age spots, gift dedication on cover back

Published 1976 by AH & AW Reed