Reed Illustrated History of New Zealand by Mathew Wright


Reed Illustrated History of New Zealand by Mathew Wright

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Reed Illustrated History of New Zealand nby Mathew Wright nnNoted historian Matthew Wright extends his award-winning interpretation of our colonial past in this popular and accessible account of New Zealand’s life and times since around 1800. Why do we want to own our quarter-acre slice of paradise? Where did our ideals of equality come from? And why has the ‘cultural cringe’ taken so long to overcome? Matthew Wright tells us why in his lively, accessible narrative that recounts our headlong journey through peace, war, suffrage, beer and ultimately cafes up to late twentieth century. His text is complemented by more than 600 images from the collection of the Alexander Turnbull Library, painting the essential picture of our past over the past hundred and fifty years. These images bring to reality the people, the places and the themes that have made New Zealand what it is today. This is a book to read, to dip into, to browse, and to enjoy – a celebration of the strength and diversity of New Zealand’s remarkable history. nnnLarge hardback, 2004, 488pages, very good condition