Masport 100 years in the making by Jim Allnatt


Masport 100 years in the making by Jim Allnatt

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Masport 100 years in the making by Jim Allnatt

Iconic Kiwi company Masport turns 100 this month and is celebrating the milestone with the launch of a book cataloguing the history of this proud New Zealand brand.

From Masport’s humble beginnings in 1910 as a small engineering firm based in Auckland to the creation of its first mower in 1929 and later the manufacture of World War II grenades and military equipment – each historical achievement has been recorded and illustrated with original photographs.

The book includes anecdotes from past and present day staff including insights from David Porter, grandson of Masport’s founder Rueben Porter.

The historical Masport story is peppered with first-hand accounts of company life and the friendships and camaraderie that grew alongside the company’s technological innovations.

Anecdotes include detailed recollections of the regular Saturday night dances held for workers in the lunchroom during the 1940s.

So popular were these functions that one employee recalls a couple popping in on their wedding day to take a turn on the makeshift dance floor.

It was current General Manager Steve Hughes’ idea to document the Masport story in Masport – 100 Years in the Making.

Hard cover, 2010, 309pages, very good condition, little wear/tear in cover edge