Making Peoples by James Belich


Making Peoples by James Belich

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Making Peoples – A history of New Zealanders from Polynesian Settlement to the End of the Nineteenth Century
by James Belich
Paperback, 497pages, 2001, very good condition, fading in spine

This is a Best-selling and ground-breaking history book in New Zealand. When first published in 1996 Making Peoples was hailed as redefining New Zealand history. It was undoubtedly the most important work of New Zealand history since Keith Sinclair s classic A History of New Zealand. Making Peoples covers the period from first settlement to the end of the nineteenth century. Part one covers Polynesian background, Maori settlement and pre-contact history. Part two looks at Maori-European relations to 1900. Part three discusses Pakeha colonisation and settlement. James Belich’s Making Peoples is a major work which reshapes our understanding of New Zealand history, challenges traditional views and debunks many myths, while also recognising the value of myths as historical forces. Many of its assertions are new and controversial.