Historic Hawke’s Bay & East Coast by Matthew Wright


Historic Hawke’s Bay & East Coast by Matthew Wright

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Historic Hawke’s Bay & East Coastnby Matthew WrightnnTypical of many parts of the country, the North Island’s east coast and Hawke’s Bay was founded with energy, enthusiasm and a dash of adventuring spirit. This is reflected in photos where people from all walks of life pose outside their homes or in their Sunday best, go to the beach, mess about in boats or simply get on with life – in fact doing things not dissimilar to what we do today. The fascination, however, is seeing just how much has changed over the years. We can also share something of the turmoil and emotion of the disastrous 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, and marvel at development across the districts, evident in the growth of settlements, the wresting of farmland from rugged landscapes, as well as the proliferation of railways, roads and bridges linking the region’s places and peoples. Much of New Zealand’s history since the arrival of Europeans has been captured through photographs. Historic Hawke’s Bay and East Coast is part of a series that showcases many of the provinces’s important places as well as events, both great and small. These beautifully reproduced black-and-white images tell the story of the region, its people and places, with a vividness only historic photographs can offer.nnHardback, 2010, 160pages, new