Cutting Edge The Carter Holt Harvey Story 100years


Cutting Edge The Carter Holt Harvey Story 100years

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Cutting Edge: 100 years of innovation, leadership, and sheer grit – The Carter Holt Harvey Storynby Selwyn ParkernnHardback, very good conditionnnKnowing nothing of each other, three men individually Set out to make their fortunes in New Zealand. They could hardly have been more different they had learned completely different trades, two were immigrants from Scotland and England and the other was a New Zealander. They settled in different parts of the North Island.nnThey all faced daunting difficulties fire and earthquake, the ever-present threat of financial ruin, dismaying transport problems, the Depression of the eighties, even Maori war parties. Yet the three men prospered. In an era when the lives of commercial organisations were often nasty, brutish and short, these never-say-die businessmen were so enduringly successful that they were able to pass on their thriving concerns to their children, and then to their grandchildren.nnBy then, although there’s no record of these men ever meeting each other during their lifetimes, their companies had been joined in a triumvirate that would lead their respective industries.nnRobert Holt, Alexander Harvey and Francis Carter were the building blocks of one of New Zealand’s great companies. This book is the story of 100 years in the often stormy, often fast-changing life of Carter Holt Harvey. Although its cradle was in the backblocks of New Zealand, bit by bit the company would he transformed into an empire which stretched to Australia, Chile, the Middle East, Europe and, eventually, the United States.nnDespite Carter Holt Harveys progressive internationalisation, it remains proud of its roots.