Colonial Fare by Jill Brewis (With photo)


Colonial Fare by Jill Brewis (With photo)

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Colonial Fare by Jill Brewis

Sketches and paintings of early New Zealand show the landscape, occasionally with men or animals in it, but never depicting women and domestic life. What happened to European women after they arrived in the raw colony.

From their letters, diaries and cookbooks, their story emerges. Colonial Fare records their struggles to find housing, food and friends. We learn how they kept food fresh without a refrigerator, how illnesses were treated without antibiotics and how they found entertainment without radio, tv or movies.

Pioneering women worked hard, often at backbreaking tasks like washing clothes without running water (let alone hot) or humping heavy iron cooking pots, and yet they recounted their happenings with humour and incredible optimism. Some of their problems were unique: keeping the yeast alive, churning butter from pigeon fat, storing candles where rats would not eat them. Other problems are the same as women face today: bearing loneliness and isolation, coping with culinary disasters, having the right clothes for the occasion and finding time to read.

Hardback, first edition 1982, 180pages, very good condition. small tear in jacket