Divorce Confidential by Gerald Nissenbaum, John


Divorce Confidential by Gerald Nissenbaum, John

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Divorce ConfidentialnBy Gerald Nissenbaum, John Sedgwick nn’In my work I am ruthless about one thing. My clients cannot lie to me…They can lie to their ex-wives, their children, their employers, their friends. But they cannot lie to me’. When someone who is used to having it all is faced with losing everything things can get pretty ugly. A big-money divorce showcases the extremes of human behaviour – betrayal, jealousy, lust, rage and revenge. When resentment is high and pride is damaged those involved will go to extraordinary lengths to stop their ex partner getting what they want. In his forty-year career, Nissenbaum’s high-profile cases have involved custody fights (including a battle over a human skull), international kidnappings, prostitution, extortion, fraud, mental health and addiction issues, the Mafia, and murder. This fascinating and gripping expose shows how rich and desperate can be a very explosive combination.nnPaperback, 2010, 282pages, excellent condition