The Nourished Toddler by Julie Bhosale


The Nourished Toddler by Julie Bhosale

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The Nourished Toddler by Julie Bhosale

The essential guide to navigating toddler feeding from 1-5 years

The much-anticipated follow-on from The Nourished Baby, this is your essential guide for navigating toddler feeding from 1 to 5 years.

Dr Julie Bhosale, an active researcher, university lecturer and mother to two boisterous boys, unpacks the science of the major developmental changes across toddlerhood and just what foods will help to fuel this. Those more controversial topics surrounding what to feed our toddlers including, grains, dietary fat, and toddler milk are covered in detail plus her top strategies for how to actually get food into fussy eaters, especially the strong-willed toddler.

With detailed meal plans for each stage, recipe ideas, guidance on more specialist areas (like constipation and introducing different foods), the importance of sleep and tips to manage screen use and more, The Nourished Toddler is your one-stop-shop for not only nourishing your toddler but bringing back some of the magic of family mealtimes.

Paperback,2018 , 239pages, very good condition