An inconceivable Notion by Justine Davies


An inconceivable Notion by Justine Davies

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An inconceivable Notion: Stories of Coping with Infertility and Childlessnessnby Justine Davies nnOur media is full of parenting success stories: pregnancy through IVF, becoming first-time parents after age 40, overcoming mental or physical barriers to successfully conceive or even using surrogacy. But what of those many people whose stories are not so successful?nnFailure of fertility treatment, underlying medical conditions, not meeting a partner until too late, or not meeting the right partner at all, are just a few of the countless reasons why someoneƒ??s desire to be a parent may never be fulfilled. An Inconceivable Notion is a collection of stories from women and men who have been unable to conceive, either from physical reasons or through other circumstance.nnThe contributors, from throughout Australia, discuss the issues that they faced, and how their childlessness has affected their lives and their relationships, past and present. In frank and honest accounts of their thoughts and emotions the women and men interviewed highlight important and rarely discussed issues in society today. nnPaperback, 2010 214 Pages, very good condition