Who’d be a Parent? The Manual that should have come with the kids!


Who’d be a Parent? The Manual that should have come with the kids!

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Who’d be a Parent? A Manual on Controlling Your nBy John IrvinennPaperback, 1998, 397pages, good conditionnnParenting is the most important job well ever do and yet children comenwithout a manualor a money-back option!nWhod Be A Parent? is THE must-have manual on how to raise good kids and solve the inevitable behaviour problems in non-violent ways that are easy to understand and easy to use. Every chapter is written in Dr Johns unique style to help parents not only see the lighter side of coping with kids, but to help families use more playfare than warfare in their approach.nMANY SPECIAL FEATURES MAKE IT UNIQUE:n* Famous footnotesdisarmingly hqnest contributions from parents such as Bryce Courtenay, John Howard, Kim Beazley, Cheryl Kernot, Kathy Lette,nPat OShane, and Greg Wiggles Page.n* Bush remediesthe shared wit and wisdom of ideas collected from parents around Australia.n* Games and chartsspecially designed to help shape behaviour in fun and effective ways.n* Case studiesprovide real-life examples and show how the parenting strategies work.n* SandyDr Johns cartoon creation, Sandy, pinpoints more than 7Q common problemsnthat kids pose for parents.nWhod Be A Parent? is the foremost parenting book available in Australia today. Comprehensive and practical, it is written by one of the most experienced and well-known practitioners and authors in this field, Dr John Irvine.