The White Water Rafting Years Ian Grant & John Cow


The White Water Rafting Years Ian Grant & John Cow

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The White Water Rafting Years: A common- sense Guide to Parenting Teenagers by Ian Grant and John CowannnThe major life task of an adolescent is to from their adult identity. If they don’t learn it from you they will learn it from someone else. Your kids come under pressure in their teens – peer pressure, sexual pressure, pressure to perform, the pressure of the future. You can be part of the pressure or you can help them cope with it. Become a parent-coach – not an enemy to be conquered byt a resource to be worked with and, difficult as it seems, remember teenagers need your love the most when they are at their most obnoxious.nnThis book discusses the ways parents and teenagers can negotiate the rapids of emotional turbulence in a sane and consistent way. It is refreshing commonsense delivered with love.nnPaperback, 1999, 182pages, very good condition,crease in cover