The Great Brain Robbery ( Updated Edition)


The Great Brain Robbery ( Updated Edition)

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The Great Brain Robbery
By Tom Scott & Trevor Grice

Paperback, 2005, 128pages, in very good condition

Valuable information for adults and adolescents about the high number of emerging drugs and the history and sources of these drugs are neither oversimplified nor exaggerated. This straightforward look shares important information into how the brain works and why drug use is so devastating and harmful to adolescents, including clear and concise explanations of even the most difficult scientific concepts behind drugs?how they affect the brain as well as the acute and chronic side effects they have on the body. The result is a book filled with sobering facts, figures, and tangible scientific data on a subject where a lack of proper knowledge has powerful ramifications. This new edition is updated with information on designer drugs “P” and “E,” GBH, and herbal highs.