Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love by Jan Parker


Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love by Jan Parker

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Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Love nBy Jan Parker, Jan StimpsonnPaperback, 2002, 330pages, very good condition, crease in covernnAdorable separately, yet a nightmare when together – having more than one child can be difficult when the inevitable sibling rivalries come to bear. A child’s feelings towards the other sibling can be diverse, extreme and conflicting – sometimes all at once. This down-to-earth, practical book takes the best and latest research – along with practical experience – to help us manage these difficult relationships. Talking parents through the reality, it reveals how best to reduce conflict and frustration and help children attain more positive fulfilling relationships. It deals with issues from the arrival of a new child, to sharing, conflicts and communication. A warm, supportive guide, this book cuts through negativity to provide the best advice available for these most crucial formative relationships.