Educating boys by Michael Irwin


Educating boys by Michael Irwin

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Educating boys by Michael IrwinnnHelping Kiwi boys to succeed at schoolnnnAre boys in New Zealand getting a fair deal at school? Why are so many boys in New Zealand not achieving their potential? What can parents and teachers do to help boys succeed at school? Educating Boys is a comprehensive, practical look at how we educate our boys in New Zealand – what’s working and what isn’t, from kindergarten right through to secondary school. Michael Irwin has listened to the opinions of the boys themselves and combined these insights with his own experience and the most recent research on helping boys to learn. Full of practical ideas and wisdom, Educating Boys is the essential handbook for people who want to help boys succeed at school and in life.nnPaperback, 2009, 224pages, good condition, small crease in corner