Reader’s Digest Good Old Days Good Old Ways


Reader’s Digest Good Old Days Good Old Ways

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Reader Digest – Good Old Days Good Old Ways
Wisdom of the Past For The Needs of Today

Good Old Days, Good Old Ways will take you back to an earlier age when lifestyles were simpler and the pace less hectic. You’ll rediscover hundreds of easy, economical household skills and straightforward techniques that our grandparents took for granted. Ten lavishly illustrated chapters cover virtually every aspect of domestic life.

You’ll learn good old ways of organising your kitchen; cooking for your family; keeping household mess under control; carrying out simple do-it-yourself home maintenance; caring for clothes and household linen; making the most of your garden; looking after your health; creating your own beauty products; developing children’s life skills through play; and using your leisure time creatively. And scattered throughout are illustrated step-by-step instructions for simple, time-tested domestic procedures such as trenching a garden bed and mending a flyscreen.

As well as practical hints, on every page you’ll find photographs and engravings from days gone by, fascinating historical snippets, and evocative quotations from magazines, books, novels, memoirs, poems and nursery rhymes.

Large hardback with laminated covers, 368 pages, 1999

Very good Condition