From 1 Prick to Another by Peter and Hilary Butler


From 1 Prick to Another by Peter and Hilary Butler

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From 1 Prick to Another by Peter and Hilary Butler

DON’T BE FOOLED! None of us likes to think we are, but it is happening more than we may realize. So how can we minimize it? By asking questions – the right sort of questions – and checking out the answers for ourselves. Remember the majority are not always right – especially if they’ve been fooled. This is a book for the whole family – for all ages. It can be used in many ways, with the discovery of new thought-provoking details each time you dig into its contents. The book is controversial – like so many issues in life. It’s a bit prickly you could say! The way you handle or receive the pricks will greatly infl uence the future of your lifestyle. It’s about choices and decisions. Will they be made by you, or for you? It’s about how you may have to transfer from one prick to another, for they are poles apart. For some it involves sticking your arm out. For others it involves sticking your neck out. You either get into the fl ow, or you get out of the rip-off. You either take the generally accepted “safe” road, or you choose to travel the less popular path usually associated with those who are deemed to be different. As the pages unfold you will move from a taught-us Turtle, to a Wiley Fox, and a Weasel Speak. You read stories and are confronted with facts you haven’t been told about, that should make your blood boil. And somewhere in this book, every reader will fi nd themselves – maybe in several places! Be careful though, you might be wearing different hats

Paperback, 2008, 523pages, very good condition