Ear Candling in Essence By Lesley Hart, Mary Dalgleish


Ear Candling in Essence By Lesley Hart, Mary Dalgleish

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Ear Candling in Essence nBy Lesley Hart, Mary Dalgleish nnDesigned to inspire and to motivate, Ear Candling in Essence provides students with an exciting and accessible introduction to ear candling. Ear candling, or thermal-auricular therapy as it is sometimes known, has been used for millennia. This fascinating book covers the history of ear candling from its use by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Aztecs to other world cultures including the Hopi Indians by whose name the treatment is often referred today. The book includes information on the anatomy and physiology of the ear, nose and throat, the benefits of ear candling and the contraindications to treatment. It then concentrates on practical application with step-by-step colour photographs and instruction on the treatment and massage techniques. Written in an accessible style with numerous FAQs, case studies and summaries, this book is the perfect introduction for students on short courses, professional therapists topping up their skills, and anyone wanting to learn more about the history and practice of ear candling.nPaperback, 2006, 121pages, ex-lib in good condition