Breathing Matters A New Zealand Guide By Dr Jim Bartley and Tania Clifton-Smith


Breathing Matters A New Zealand Guide By Dr Jim Bartley and Tania Clifton-Smith

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Breathing Matters: A New Zealand Guide

By: Dr Jim Bartley and Tania Clifton-Smith

Its to help improve heart health and relieve headaches, asthma and anxiety by breathing well.

Breathing Matters is a revolutionary book from one of New Zealand’s top Ear, Nose & Throat surgeons, Dr Jim Bartley and Tania Clifton-Smith, well regarded breathing expert. Dr Bartley believes that good breathing patterns can dramatically improve the lives of people with major diseases such as heart disease, asthma and depression. Breathing well helps us relax, normalises body biochemistry, reduces muscle pain and allows the re-establishment of normal posture and movement.
Part I
‘The Pieces’ discusses the role of smell and the “nose brain” in our everyday lives. The physiology and anatomy of the respiratory tract are discussed along with the way that muscles interact to allow you to breathe. These chapters provide a physiological, scientific basis to the book.
Part II
‘Putting it all together’ discusses basic breathing techniques, posture, self-massage and muscle stretching techniques. These are the self-help techniques that you can adopt to help yourself.
Part III
‘The Pictures’ discusses common disease conditions that can be improved by attention to breathing techniques. These include asthma, heart disease, migraine, tension headache, jaw-joint pain, anxiety and depression.

Paperback, 219pages, 2007, very good condition