The Fitball Workout By Jan Endacott


The Fitball Workout By Jan Endacott

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The Fitball Workout By Jan Endacott
Increasingly popular, gym balls are fun, extremely versatile and highly effective. The pilates and yoga inspired exercises in ‘The Fitball Workout’ greatly improve core stability, stretch and tone muscles and increase strength and flexibility for a leaner, more streamlined body. The safe, non-impact workouts are suitable for men and women of all fitness levels, and are especially useful for sufferers of back pain. Also included are ‘Trainer’s Tips’ boxes, variations on exercises and a menu of different routines so that readers can tailor the workouts to suit their individual needs. With this book even those normally reluctant to exercise will soon become hooked on this comfortable way of achieving great results.

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2008 In very good condition, name on end page