Methods Of Group Exercise Instruction Basic Moves Demonstrate on DVD


Methods Of Group Exercise Instruction Basic Moves Demonstrate on DVD

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by Carol Kennedy, Mary YokennMethods of Group Exercise Instruction is the most comprehensive research-based book available for health and fitness professionals who want to learn how to lead effective group exercise classes. It describes the methodology required for setting up classes, how to create effective teaching progressions, and how to choreograph and program to music. More than 15 different class formats are covered, including hi/low impact, step, kickboxing, indoor cycling, and water exercise. No other text goes into such detail or covers many of the unique class formats in this book, such as water exercise and cycling. Methods of Group Exercise Instruction can also prepare group exercise instructors for certification examinations. Practical mini-teaching assignments at the end of each chapter help instructors to apply the information presented and build confidence in their teaching skills. The following are other helpful components in the text: Three distinct parts cover the principles of group exercise, guidelines for class segments, and practical teaching skills. Illustrations, photos, written descriptions, and DVD examples work together to demonstrate the proper techniques for warm-up, cardiovascular training, strength training, and flexibility training. The most popular forms of group exercise classes and key details for a variety of formats, ranging from technique and music selection to step-by-step class routines, are included. An instructor evaluation form for directors of group exercise classes. Practice drills along with written and practical assignments make the material easy to teach and learn. Included with the book is an accompanying training DVD of video clips that provide valuable visual and practical information. It contains examples of fundamental instructional techniques for alignment and counting out the beat; segment demonstrations for warm-up, cardiorespiratory training, muscular conditioning and flexibility training, and cool-donnvery good condition