CALLANETICS: 10 years Younger in 10 Hours


CALLANETICS: 10 years Younger in 10 Hours

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CALLANETICS: 10 years Younger in 10 Hours
The Astonishing Deep-Muscle Exercise that gives you a perfect figure
By Callan Pinckney
With Callanetics you can trim your figure so that your clothes will be two sizes smaller than your present size without shedding a pound . . . you can correct all your figure problems so that you look years younger . . . and you can do this in merely hours of exercise. The totally unretouched photographs in this book (including the cover photo of the author) show the miraculous effects of this incredible exercise program.
What makes Callanetics different and so effective? The secret of Callanetics goes straight to the foundations of a good figure: it is a series of unique exercises carefully designed to activate the body’s deepest muscles, the big, powerful ones that work on all the surrounding muscles. Quite unlike any other program, Callanetics consists of small, precise movements consistently applied. There isn’t any hard jerking, or sudden impact that can cause harm to the body, as sometimes happens in other forms of exercise. Callanetics is so safe it can be used effectively at any age.
Profusely illustrated, simple and easy to follow, this book will help you melt fat off buttocks and hips, flatten the tummy, stretch the neck, firm the chin, lift and tighten the rear and bust, slim inner thighs and legs. The visible results of one hour of Callanetics are equal to seven hours of more conventional exercises. With Callanetics your perfect figure is only hours away!

Flatten your tummy
Reduce your hips
Lift & Tighten your behind
Eliminate your saddle bags
Tighten your inner thighs
Firm your chin
Improve your posture

Paperback, 207pages, good condition with foxing, fading in cover