Kiwi KISS All Seasons Cookbook Carolyn Gibson


Kiwi KISS All Seasons Cookbook Carolyn Gibson

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Kiwi KISS ~All Seasons Cookbook
Carolyn and Victoria Gibson.

Carolyn Gibson is the creator of Kiwi KISS and the author of the best selling Kiwi KISS Diet Book.

Victoria Gibson writes and develops new recipes for the Kiwi KISS plan, is a qualified personal trainer and the co – author of the Kiwi KISS Workout Book.
Victoria achieved a weight loss of 28 kilos on the Kiwi KISS proramme and has maintained this for 11 years.
Kiwi KISS is a proven diet and exercise programme used successfully by thousands of New Zealanders.
Follow the Kiwi KISS plan for health and fitness with this cookbook that celebrates the benefits of eating fresh, seasonal food.
The All Seasons Cookbook encourages you to look forward to each changing season.

Penguin softback with spiral spine. very good condition, 2001 142 pages