Beauty with Confidence by Nicole Miller


Beauty with Confidence by Nicole Miller

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Beauty with Confidence by Nicole MillernnPaperback, 2007, 121pages, very good conditionnnBeauty doesn’t come in any specific shade, shape, or style. it does’nt magically appear when you put on lipstick or go away when you wash your face at night. Women should never think of makeup as camouflage or a means of altering their appearance to become like someone else. Beauty is not somthing you create – it is something you discover within yourself. It is as unique as you are. Makeup highlights beauty. It emphasizes it. So women everywhere can take on the world. Every day. Nothing is more beautiful than confidence.nnI have many books on sale, please check my listings or search aabooks with your keyword. I am happy to combine and save postage for you.