Jean Greenhowe’s Favourite Dolls & Toys Over 100 dolls and Toys to Sew and Knit


Jean Greenhowe’s Favourite Dolls & Toys Over 100 dolls and Toys to Sew and Knit

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Jean Greenhowes Favourite Dolls & Toys – 100+ dolls & ToysnOver 100 dolls and toys to sew & knitnnOver 100 cuddly dolls and toys for you to sew or knitnEasy-to-follow patterns for every onenSuperb full-color pictures throughoutnnContents:nIntroductionnTips for ToymakersnnLarge Dolls: Twin rag dolls, the adaptable rag doll, Jennifer Rag doll, Best-dressed doll, Football Mascot, Santa and Mrs ClausnnSmall Dolls: Baby Bunting Dolls, Snowbabies, The well-dressed doll, knit a nursery RhymennRosette Dolls: Dutch Dolls, Six stretchy dolls, Home on the range, Turnabout dollynnLarge Toys: Cuddly Koalas, Penguin, Cuddly Kitten, Mother and Baby Panda, Teddy Bear, Mr and Mrs Bunty, Puss in Boots, Soulful Hound Dog, Mascot Teddy Bears, Hippos, Women’s Weekly TeddynnSmall Toys: Eight sock animals, Jungle Beanies, Four small animals, Moo and Chew, Twelve simple toys, Mamas and BabesnSit-upon Toys: Leo the Laughing Lion, Ladybird, Ladybird, Sit-upon ElephantnnPlay houses and Puppet Booth: Wendy House, Punch and Judy Booth, WigwamnnToy Houses: Dormouse House, Dolls’ House, Hickory Dickory DocknnNovelty Toys: Puppets for a Pantomime, Dancing Clown, Teaching Teddy, Easter Bunny Puppet, Bedtime Favourites, Christmas Tree TrimsnnIndexnnHard cover , 256pages, 1988 Hamlyn, good condition