Handmade Paper Today Silvie Turner, Birgit Skiold


Handmade Paper Today Silvie Turner, Birgit Skiold

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Handmade Paper Today nby Silvie Turner, Birgit SkioldnnA worldwide survey of mills, papers, techniques and usesnnThis volume is concerned with every aspect of the manufacture and use of handmade paper. It traces the history and development of such papers throughout the world, documenting the influence on and changes in the patterns of manufacture in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia up to the present day.nnOver 115 mills throughout the world currently manufacturing handmade paper have been contacted in the course of research. Infromation from them concerning their activities is thoroughly documented and discussed.nnWith 250 illustrations (including 8 in colour).nnPaperback, 1983, 280pages, good condition