Smokehouse – Hot Recipes to Get You Smokin’ 2009 edtion


Smokehouse – Hot Recipes to Get You Smokin’ 2009 edtion

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Smokehouse Aroma Chef Hot Recipes to Get You Smokin’nnThe art of hot smoked food, Where there’s smoke there’s flavour.nnThe art of hot smoked food, Where there’s smoke there’s flavour.Over centuries, cooking has been performed by fire, using whatever wood was at hand to create the heat required to cook the desired dish of the day. From this heat, naturally, there came smoke. It was soon discovered that where there is smoke, there is flavour.nnOver generations of burning, smoking, tasting and testing it was also discovered that differing timbers impart their own unique flavours to food that can only be achieved through the hot or cold smoking process. The Hot Smoke Company, suppliers of Amonachip woodchips and the Aromachef range of cooking essentials, is a New Zealand family-owned and operated business proud to continue this time honoured tradition, offering the finest quality natural wood smoking and barbecue chips. In conjunction with three New Zealand BBQ and smoking aficionados, many years of experimentation and enthusiasm, tastings and trials, we have produced Smokin’. The comprehensive guide and recipe collection to assist you on the exciting and flavoursome journey into the wonderful world of smoked food.nnThere are over 80 recipes for meats, seafood and vegetables, an extensive selection of marinades, sauces, mops and rubs. Plus some tips and techniques to enhance your experience of this new realm of flavour and tenderness and to encourage you to smoke up a storm of unique, barbecue cuisine in your own backyard.nnnnThis 97 page ring bound book makes a perfect give for new and experienced hot smokers. Laid out beautifully with colour pictures and easy to follow instructions. 2009 edition. Published by the Hot Smoke Company Limited New Zealand.nnIncludes smoking tips, dedicated sections for smoking seafood, polutry, beef, lamp, venison, pork, vegetables, planks & wraps, mops & bastes, marinades & rubs.nnSoft cover, 2009 96pages, excellent condition