Cut By Josh Emett Signed


Cut By Josh Emett Signed

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By Josh Emett
A stunning hardback cookbook with great meat recipes for the home cook from MasterChef NZ judge Josh Emett. This beautifully photographed and designed book is divided into sections: duck; chicken; lamb; beef; quail; rabbit; pork; veal; and venison. It also includes a section on pies because Josh is a huge fan of them. In addition to information on all the cuts of meat for each animal, this book includes usage of each different cut, and recipes for using each defined cut. Plus each of those recipes contains other components such as side dishes, sauces and relishes – essential knowledge for all good home cooks. One of Josh’s key philosophies is zero wastage, using everything from the animal; having respect for the animal; and knowing where your food comes from. Josh is a Michelin-starred chef, working in London, New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne with Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing, so his credentials are impeccable. But he hasn’t forgotten his Waikato roots – and there are beautiful shots of Josh in the Waikato farm countryside.

Hardback, 2013, 248pages, tear in jacket, contents in very good condition,