Yates Garden Fresh cookbook


Yates Garden Fresh cookbook

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Yates Garden Fresh cookbook
Our vegetable gardens kept us alive when our countries were new, fed us in the Great Depression, and were used to Dig for Victory during the World Wars.

For more than 125 years, Yates has provided gardeners with seeds, reliable gardening products and practical, knowledgeable advice. Yates Garden Guide, the bestselling gardening book in both Australia and New Zealand, has taught generations how to garden. Now, this new companion book – with its combination of fresh new ideas and tried and tested heritage recipes – provides dozens of inspiring suggestions for using your garden produce.

Rediscover what your great-grandparents knew – the pleasure gardening can bring, the delicious, healthy, nourishing food it provides and the savings you can make.

* Grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit
* Enjoy the pleasure of picking home-grown produce
* Cook and eat your own healthy, delicious vegetables and fruit
* Preserve and store your surplus in tasty and economic ways
* Know what your family is eating
* Share heritage family recipes and create your own

Soft cover, 2009, very good condition