The Complete Guide to Nutritional Health


The Complete Guide to Nutritional Health

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The Complete Guide to Nutritional Healthnby Pierre Jean Cousin and Kirsten HartvignnThe power of food – the essential companion to discovering the curative and preventative properties of the foods we eat. This book introduces the advice of two leading nutritionists to promote optimum well-being through diet. Part One, Food Is Medicine, looks at how various foods, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products and fish, can prevent and treat a wide range of common ailments. Part Two, Eat for Immunity, focuses on the way that the right choice of foods can strengthen the immune system, enabling the body to prevent disease and fight infection. By following these simple principles and making the tasty, nutritious recipes part of your everyday diet, you will boost your body’s defence system and not only feel better but look better and enjoy increased vitality, too. Both parts have been carefully structured so that they can be used in various ways according to your needs, sourcing information by food, by ailment or by recipe nnPaperback, 2004, 288pages, very good condition