Made in Morocco by Julie Le Clerc


Made in Morocco by Julie Le Clerc

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Made in Morocco: a Journey of Exotic Tastes and Places nBy Julie Le Clerc, John BougennnnMarrakech, Casablanca, Fez – names that have the power to excite the senses with images of mosaics and spices, snake charmers and souks. Layered with the influences of Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arab invaders, Morocco is one of the world’s most photogenic locations and its cuisine is as colorful as its cities. Food writer Julie Le Clerc was totally beguiled by the sensual harmony of traditional Moroccan food. Dishes that are savory yet sweet, enigmatically spiced and intricately aromatic to the nose: tagines, b’stilla, delicate breads infused with spice, honeycomb pancakes and myriad couscous dishes. While Julie immersed herself in researching authentic cuisine to create a wonderful collection of new recipes, intrepid traveler and photographer John Bougen captured the vibrant spirit of the country. The result is a feast for the eyes – and the tastebuds.nnLarge Paperback, 2004, 196pages, very good condition