Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals


Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals

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Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver
Hard cover, 2012, 287pages, very good condition

15-Minute Meals is Jamie’s simplest and most straightforward book yet. It pushes the concept of fast, everyday food to a new level, without compromising on flavour. It’s designed to excite and inspire people to prepare a balanced, nutritional, no-nonsense meal every night of the week.It covers everything from homely British dishes, to Mediterranean family staples as well as Thai, Chinese and Indian-inspired dishes. The layouts are simple and easy to follow, and the punchy titles will grab you as you flick through.This is Jamie’s most accessible book yet and is suitable for all ages and skill levels – once you start cooking this way, not only will you love it; you’ll never look back.’this is incredible food, cooked ridiculously quickly, and I’ve done all the thinking for you.’ Jamie Oliver