COOKING TIMES What Makes Kiwi Cuisine Unique by Kate Fraser


COOKING TIMES What Makes Kiwi Cuisine Unique by Kate Fraser

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COOKING TIMES : What Makes Kiwi Cuisine UniquenBy Kate FrasernnHarperCollins AucklandnRelease Date: 01/05/2008nBook Format: Large Paperback 240pp. Illustrated. new.nnIn a salute to our love affair with nostalgia, award-winning food writer Kate Fraser has compiled a beguiling collection of recipes and anecdotes from the kitchens of a series of fictitious characters. Between them, these engaging men and women provide a fascinating retrospective of our culinary traditions. While they are fictitious, the recipes come from the authors family collection, updated to include modern ingredients, equipment and techniques. Together they represent a culinary journey from the 1930s to the present day, as we learn about hard times in the 1930s with Ettie, growing up in a 1940s village with Janet, see retirement through the eyes of May in the 1950s and Rosemary grow up, and in the 1960s see Marion through her first dinner party and Dot raise a few eyebrows. We turn vegetarian with Peter and Roz in the 1970s, then open a cordon bleu caf in the 1980s with Barbara. William is a popular television chef in the 1990s, and we come full circle with Ellie and Carrie who encounters the Slow Food Movement in 2008. While each is enchanting in its own right, together they present a tasty overview of the development of our national food culture, by a talented and highly respected food writer.nnKate Fraser is Food Editor for The Press in Christchurch, where she lives and works. She is an experienced chef and food stylist and does culinary consulting work for a variety of media. This is her first book and has arisen out of a popular feature she invented for her columns.