Alison Holst Dollars and Sense Cookbook


Alison Holst Dollars and Sense Cookbook

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Alison Holst Dollars and Sense Cookbook

Eat well for less

Good food does not have to be expensive.

This easy-to-use book is packed full of delicious interesting recipes plus lots of ideas to help you eat well while spending less money on food.

Dollars and Sense will help you find, buy and cook food which is good value for money and which you, your family and your friends will look forward to and enjoy.

Alison has made many of these recipes for years. She introduced them to her family at times when it was important to stretch her food dollars as far as possible, but she continues to serve them often because the recipes are now family favourites.

Alison HoIst has inspired thousands of New Zealanders over the years with her ideas for delicious, nutritious, value-for-money recipes that have featured in over 80 books. Many of these remain in print and total sales are now well in excess of three million copies.

Soft cover, 120pages , contents inĀ  good condition, crease in cover