The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook


The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook

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The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook
by Jennie Shapter
This is the complete practical guide to using your bread machine, fully revised and updated with 150 step-by-step recipes and techniques shown in 600 photographs. There is a comprehensive reference section that examines every aspect of how to use your machine – techniques, different settings, troubleshooting – as well as incorporating hand-made shapes and finishes. It includes an extensive range of 150 traditional recipes from all around the world, each specifically created for use in the bread machine. From the easiest basic breads and teabreads to the more skilled hand-shaped savoury breads and cakes, all the classic favourites are here – White Bread, Granary Bread, Individual Brioche, Rum and Raisin Loaf, Carrot Cake, and Petit Pain au Chocolat. This title offers concise step-by-step instructions with colourful photographic reference make each technique clear and easy-to-follow, ensuring perfect finished results. Bread machines provide the pleasure of creating sensational baked goods with the minimum of effort. This comprehensive guide shows you how and provides 150 heart-warming classic recipes. The book begins with an introduction to the types of breads and doughs. The techniques section explains the basics about machines, how different ingredients can be added and how traditional techniques like kneading and shaping can be used with your machine to make more specialized breads. The recipes are organized into chapters by styles of bread, and include different types from all around the world. Each has been tested and adapted for baking at home with your bread machine so that you can prepare all of your favourite breads with ease.

Paperback, 2001, 256pages, good condition, name, small stain on end page