Muffin Magic by Diana Linfoot


Muffin Magic and More Muffin Magic by Diana Linfoot

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Muffin Magic Cookbook: Cholesterol Free & High Fibre Recipes
by Diana Linfoot

Nothing matches muffins with coffee or tea, for breakfast, morning tea or just snacktime. Not too sweet, they make a healthy contribution to our diet and are a vehicle for wonderfully nutritious ingredients. Most muffin recipes can also easily be made free of cholesterol.

This book will show how easy it is to make a wonderful range of muffins and also how to experiment with your own flavour combinations.

* How to make magic muffins step by step
* Basic muffin recipe
* Butters
* High fibre muffins
* Cholesterol free muffins
* Fruit muffins
* Vegetable muffins
* Sweet muffins
* Savoury muffins

Paperback, 70 Pages, good condition