A Dessert Cookbook by Digby Law


A Dessert Cookbook by Digby Law

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A Dessert Cookbook by Digby Law

In recent years the concept of the dessert has been transformed from that of a stodgy, unimaginative pudding to a light and creative, sometimes spectacular-looking dish that is the highlight of a meal. This book, from one of NZ’s most respected cookery writers concentrates on the modern style of dessert preparation

Most of the recipes in this book can be followed by someone of modest culinary ability. A few require more skill and offer a challenge to the experienced cook. All are presented simply and cleary in Digby Law’s well-known style, and ingredients specified are all readily available…

From the light and refreshing fruit or frozen dessert to the wickedly rich and extravagant gateaux and mousses, this superb collection offers hundreds of ideas for mouth-watering delights to suit every occasion and every palate.

Hardback, first edition 1988, 194pages, in good condition, small wear/tear in jacket