Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide


Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide

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Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide

By Peter Aranyi

Making Money as a Commercial Property Investor in New Zealand

Paperback, 2005, 203pages, good condition with foxing

A practical handbook on making money as a commercial property investor in New Zealand This no-nonsense, comprehensive book covers the detail and the nitty-gritty of successful commercial property investing. It?s perfectly timed to take advantage of the burgeoning commercial property sector driven by many small investors stepping up from residential investment and looking for guidance in this new area of the market. Presented in clear, accessible language, and loaded with lots of real-world examples, Commercial Real Estate Investor’s Guide sheds light on many of the key issues surrounding investing in commercial and industrial property, including: ? What to look for in a commercial investment ? How to find opportunities in the various sectors ? How to evaluate a deal ? Offer and negotiation strategies ? Due diligence ? how to make the most of it ? Dirty tricks and traps to look out for when buying ? How to read a lease and 12 vital points to watch out for ? Raising finance on a commercial deal ? How to add value to an existing investment ? Managing tenants ? Tax issues and strategies for commercial property investors ? Property cycles and how they affect commercial investments ? Where to get independent advice, and how to build a team of professionals ? And much more! Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned investor, this book will fill gaps in your knowledge and show you how to succeed in this field. Commercial Real Estate Investor?s Guide brings together vital information from a group of experienced investors and experts who share their frank advice for making money as an investor. It is compiled by Peter Aranyi who has edited several property investment books including The Rascal?s Guide to Real Estate and Property Tax?a New Zealand Investor?s Guide.