Climbing the Property Ladder by Olly Newland


Climbing the Property Ladder by Olly Newland

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Climbing the Property Ladder by Olly Newland

Tales of profit and (mis)adventure in the real estate jungle

Veteran investor and best-selling author Olly Newland shares valuable lessons he’s learned over 45 years as a property investor…and some horror stories. This book covers some of Olly’s amazing adventures as the purchaser, landlord, or vendor in a property deal or as a consultant for others. The stories have the common threads of real estate and property investment and the common human failings of greed, fear, naivety, carelessness and envy. Some have happy endings, some do not. Many are about raw human emotion – property just happens to be involved along the way. In these pages you will read about those who may have started with nothing and made literally millions. You will read about the crooks, cheats and downright criminals who are attracted to big money as moths to a flame. In his usual take-no-prisoners entertaining style, Olly shares valuable lessons, rules and insights – and some breathtaking true stories about how property deals have changed people’s lives.

Paperback, 2005, 159pages,  good condition